Prepayment Certificate

Currently (April 2014):-

104.00 per year (12.9 charges)

29.10 per 3 months (3.6 charges)

Prepayment certificates:

  If you have to pay for your prescriptions, it is usually cheaper to buy a prepayment certificate for either 3 months or one year.

  If you only need to collect one item a month and you are given 28 day prescriptions you will need 13

 Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland No longer charge for prescriptions



 Multiple Charges for some items - See below. These are examples of items which carry more than one charge. For many of these you will still only be charged one charge of 8.05. Check with your pharmacy.

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For help on where to obtain a Prepayment certificate go to:

prescriptions for a year (currently 104.65), so it will cost you less to buy the prepayment certificate.

  If you pick up 2 items monthly you would currently pay 209.30 in the year. So if you buy a prepayment certificate you will currently save 105.30 and also you will get any extra prescriptions such as antibiotics free.